Yoga High What is it. Why do we get it. How do we keep it.

What is it?

Yoga High is that tingling feeling throughout your body, a sense of inner peace and happiness.

Why do we get it?

Fight or flight is our body’s response to perceived danger that prepares the body to either run or fight to preserve our lives.

The funny thing about the flight or fight mechanism is that it is activated by any perceived threat, it does not distinguish between physical danger and psychological stress. An impending deadline is going to trigger it just as being chased by a lion would.

Thankfully the fight or flight response is not the body’s only automated mechanism, it has a sister-system called rest and digest.

These two sister systems couldn’t be more different. The rest and digest system is in charge of bringing us back to balance. It allows the body to rest and encourages healing by telling the to relax by relaxing the muscles, triggering the release of digestive enzymes, decreasing the heart rate, and regulating other helpful body functions. 

The rest and digest system is activated by, deep breathing (Pranayama), silence (Mauna), and stillness (Stimitatva), where do we find stillness, deep breathing, and silence? That’s right, when we practice yoga.

How do we keep it?

  • Take advantage of the meditation in class. 
  • Take a break at your desk to focus on breathing. 
  • Practice deep breathing when in the bathroom.

If you take nothing more from this remember to Inhale, 2, 3, 4 Exhale 2, 3, 4 repeat four times and try to be in a still quiet place when you do this.

Sourced information from The Science Behind the Yoga High

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