Essentials to Bring to Your First Yoga Class

  • Comfortable yoga attire: Seems like a no brainer, you want something you will feel comfortable and confident moving in.
  • Water bottle: hydration is important it helps your body inside and out.
  • Your own mat: most places have a loaner or a rental but you really want your own. I would say that any mat will do, but I have found the cheap ones peel or flake. The best mat I have found is the 5mm reversible big mat from Lululemon, it’s pricy but you should only need to buy it once. If you don’t know if you will stick with yoga try TJ Max and get the best you can find for a good price.
  • Yoga towel: a hand towel from your bathroom or kitchen will do. Once you grow into your practice find a nice micro fiber towel.
  • Change of clothes: for after you may be sweaty, but if your going home I would skip this.
  • Post-yoga snack: it’s important to feed your body to refuel muscles and help recover. Hummus and bell pepper is a great way to do this.
  • Extra layers: A nice to have for corpse pose Savasana, will help retain the heat you created during your class.
  • Courage: if you are reading this odds are you are thinking about going to your first yoga class. If you are like me you are thinking about all the ways you might embarrass yourself during class. What if you don’t know the pose, or the funny names, OMG what if you fart? Everyone has these fears, it’s normal. What’s not normal is letting your fear control you. Don’t let fear get in the way of your health. Also, in my experience people who practice yoga are a kind, non-judgmental, helpful group of people, they won’t care if you fart.

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